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Roof washing services are the kind of services that do require some level of professionalism and training. If an individual who has little to no professional knowledge about roof washing handles the job, there are a number of risks that may occur. Not only could your roof and some of your property be damaged as a result of mishandling and lack of appropriate tools, but such inexperienced individual could also sustain serious injuries. And when such tragedy happens, all or part of the medical bills and property damages may be on your responsibility and an unwanted expense. Imagine having to spend additional money all because your roof washing services go wrong because trying to save a little green!

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For asphalt shingle roof cleaning, we never use pressure. Shingle roofs are beautiful, but they require a delicate approach. Grit on shingles can be blasted off if there is to much pressure, so we always utilize soft washing technique to wash the roof and preserve your shingles. An asphalt shingle roof is ideal for algae growth because there is not enough sunlight. Most homeowners make the mistake of thinking they need a new roof because of this, and the solution is very simple – professional Roof Cleaning Wilmington. Our technicians will completely clean your roof of all algae and stains that have accumulated over the years.

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Maintaining and achieving a slate roof beautifully is only possible with our professional Wilmington Roof washing service. We offer effective and safe non-pressure, soft wash for a slate roof that will remove all moss, algae, and lichen that is robbing your place and its curb appeal. There is no need to replace your roof because of some unsightly stains, moss, or algae that have accumulated. Our effective and safe soft wash is a great way to get a new-look roof without buying a new one. Our technicians have special ladders that allow them to completely clean your roof without climbing on it, risking damage.

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Cedar shake roofs over time will start to deteriorate, generally because of lack of cleaning/maintaining. On average, they should be cleaned once or twice every few years. Otherwise, deterioration will set in. Roof Washing in Wilmington can extend the lifespan of your cedar shake roof. We achieve that without walking on your roof, preventing any further damage. We are dedicated to cleaning, treating, and restoring cedar share roofs. All moss, algae, mildew, mold, and lichen will be removed from the shakes with the help of our non-toxic solutions. Contact us and extend the lifespan of your roof and its beauty.

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Benefits of our roof cleaning in Chadds Ford

Even if the job is done successfully without any damage to anybody or any of your property, you may not be satisfied with the roof washing results. And that may make you want to hire another professional who will re-render the same services at additional expenses! Instead of spending more than necessary, why don’t you start with hiring a professional roof washing company that will render you a guarantee on such services. Total Power Wash in Chadds Ford, you will not need to incur any unnecessary or additional spending. The kind of services we provide, no company in Chadds Ford can match them and guarantee them like we can. Total Power Wash services go above and beyond the ordinary. And that is because Total Power Wash offers you more than just ordinary roof washing services.

WHy Choose our specialized roof cleaning in Chadds Ford

At Total Power Wash, we offer you more than we charge, and that is one of the reasons we are hard to beat in and around Chadds Ford, as far as roof washing is concerned. However, below are some of the things you are going to enjoy if you hire our company:

Inspections: Before and after we engage in your roof washing project, we do a careful and professional inspection. That is to make sure that we know the condition of your roof before we proceed with our cleaning procedures. And should there be any damage to the roof, we will help fix it, if it is something we can do. However, if the damage is more extensive than what we can repair, we will recommend that you get a technician out to have it properly fixed. As for us, when the damage is fixed, we will proceed with our services and make sure we use extreme caution so there is no further damage to your roof. After our job is complete, we will make sure we do another through inspection before we leave your house. This is in your bid; we always make sure to leave your home the way we found it.

Quality Service with Sophisticated Tools: Once you hire us, be assured that you have hired the BEST in Chadds Ford. Our services are the best you will ever enjoy. And that is because our equipment is highly sophisticated. No company in Chadds Ford can provide the kind of tools we have in our inventory and is why our clients rave about our work.

Affordable Pricing: Among the things mentioned above that make us the BEST we also provide affordable pricing. Despite the fact that our services are the BEST, we still beat down our prices to what you can afford. Isn’t it a rare opportunity to have us work for you?

Above are only some of the benefits you will enjoy if you hire Total Power Wash today. Hire us and enjoy many more services of our services in the future.

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“Total Power Wash did a wonderful job on our home! They did roof cleaning, cleaned windows, screens and other trouble spots. Our home has never looked so good! We will definitely hire them again!”

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“I recommend Total Power Wash to anyone looking for a team of great guys who do a really nice roof cleaning! Dan was super easy to work with and was very attentive to all our concerns. We are very pleased with their work and pricing. Thanks guys!”

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