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Tenants, clients, and customers will want to choose you over your competitors if your building exterior is clean and inviting. Cobwebs, hard water stains, dust, and dirt can indicate that your building is neglected and not well-maintained, which can make customers wonder about the quality of your service or product when your building looks like this. Tenants of a building complex don’t want to live in a rundown building, which is why investing in Commercial Cleaning in Wilmington is the best choice for your property. With our service, your entire commercial property and building will be protected and will look its best for clients and customers.

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Parking Lot

If you have a dirty parking lot, it means much more than just ugly looking concrete. These dark spots are algae and other grime accumulated over time that makes your business look unkempt. Almost every parking lot has trash, loose rocks, paint stains, oil stains, and more, making it dirty. Commercial Power Washing in Wilmington will makeover your parking lot and improve your business with our service.

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Is your rooftop full of lichen and algae? Our  Commercial Cleaning Wilmington experts, we can remove all types of algae, lichen, stubborn air pollution stains from different roof types like asphalt shingles, tiles, and slate roofs. In combination with different methods, we are able to clean your commercial roof, returning its old shine. Health and safety are important when work is performed on roofs, and we are insured, licensed, and bonded.

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The unattractive stains from gum have negative effects on clients' perceptions of your businesses. Chewing gum is litter that is difficult to remove. Gums sticky nature means struggling to remove it from surfaces. Quick removal of chewing gum stains will ensure for your area to stay clean and tidy, and will also discourage future attacks of littering or graffiti.

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Out of all the different stains that exist outside of your commercial building or storefront, rust stains are the most distracting. There is something unappealing about that orange color that shows on surfaces like brick, stone, vinyl, concrete, and catches the looks of all those who walk by. Our professional technicians will remove all rust from your building property with special rust cleaners.

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When the floors, roof, exterior walls of commercial buildings start to stain and change color, the main reason is mostly organic microorganisms. Molds, algae, mildew are growing on, making the surfaces of your workplace ugly, and worst of all, if the cleaning is postponed, serious damage to the exterior surfaces can occur. That is why our Commercial Cleaning in Wilmington service with the help of soft-washing will efficiently and safely perform building washing, in order to restore its former shine.

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Our Commercial Cleaning offers HOA cleaning services that increase property value, curb appeal, and safety to your exterior surfaces. Every multi-unit has its own set of requirements and needs - and we will address all of them. We collaborate with property managers to deliver the best pressure washing results. We are proud to deliver you with service that will make all residents feel proud and call your property a home.

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Would you go into an important meeting with a terribly stained blouse or shirt? Certainly not, since we all know how difficult it is to change a negative first impression. Your storefront and sidewalks are the first things that customers see when they step onto your place. Its cleanliness increases the chance of leaving a great first impression. Commercial Power Washing in Wilmington helps you to maintain your business property looking clean and inviting. Increase your business curb appeal with our service that includes concrete, paver, brick, wood, hardie board, metal, stucco cleaning, and more. Your customers are sure to notice the cleanliness of your business!

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If you want to run a successful business, then from time to time, you need a professional washing service that will make your building bright and attractive. Our Commercial Cleaning in Wilmington has been working with many successful companies that have regularly been using our services for years. All our workers are specially trained for commercial power washing, have the latest equipment, they are insured, bonded, and licensed. Our primary goal is to deliver the best possible results in the market to help you in a successful business. Don’t let the dirty look of your exterior surfaces affect your business. With our service, everyone will notice your building and immediately realize that you are a responsible person!

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“Dan was very helpful with answering any questions regarding house washing. Total Power Wash is excellent with communication. For a great price my house looks amazing. I will definitely use them again in the future.”

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