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Is your Hockessin property looking dusty and drab? Are your concrete surfaces dull and dirty? Give your Hockessin property a fresh facelift instantly with our quality professional pressure washing services at Total Power Wash. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and quality of cleanliness every time! You will be shocked at how beautiful and clean your Hockessin home or business becomes after our pressure wash team provides our services! Total Power Wash specializes in homes, businesses, fences, decks, sidewalks, and more! Just give us a call today to discuss how we can spruce up your Hockessin property!

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Hardscapes are an important part of every property. These surfaces we use to park our car and to walk up to the house on a daily basis so there is high traffic. Our job is to clean and protect those areas for your family and you. We will restore the old beauty to all your exterior surfaces. Over time, all exterior surfaces become unappealing and worn down, especially concrete, because that is the most used place. Dirty concrete is a reality for all properties. However, with Power Washing in Wilmington, it doesn't have to be that way. We will clean your concrete to restore its shiny appearance, and then we will apply a sealer to protect from further damage.

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Most people think that the roof, gutters, or driveway are the most neglected parts, but they are wrong. The hardest part to clean is your pavers, because rain and water from a regular hose have no cleaning effect on them. Pavers are porous and only intense pressure can properly clean them. Pavers are a very popular choice when it comes to outdoor living space. Although they are astoundingly beautiful and durable, their cleaning is mandatory because they are exposed to elements like dust, tire tracks, mold, grease, leaves, oil, and more. Our Wilmington Power Washing experts will clean your pavers of everything that has accumulated over the years in a few hours!

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Deck cleaning is important not only for the look and beauty of your home but also for health and safety. In summer, sunny and warm days, most hosts like to sit outside with guests and enjoy a nice day. Your deck is a place with a lot of foot traffic, which means that it is suitable for dirt and algae development. Over time, this can lead to an unstable deck, and its appearance deteriorates. If you think a hose, sponge, and a bucket will clean it, you are wrong. Our Wilmington Power Washing experts use high-pressure to remove all dirt from your deck - that will give your area new vibrancy, and it will be protected from decay in the future.

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Increase your home's curb appeal with our POWER WASHING in Hockessin

Why Total Power Wash? Total Power Wash treats each of our customers as if they were our own family. We want you to be happy with the quality of service you receive from the first phone call to the last inspection or walkthrough. Our professional pressure washers are skilled and trained with the most advanced technology and techniques to ensure that the job gets done efficiently. Your Hockessin property will be respected as if it was our own home or business.

Adding Value to Your Home or Business – Our professional power washing does not only remove all of the dirt, debris, pollutants that have built up over the year(s), but it also boosts your curb appeal.  Our pressure washing will remove all of the irritants that make your home look bad. After our professional services, your home will shine brightly, and you can rest easy that you made a quality investment in your property. After all, a repair or replacement is going to cost you a lot more than a good quality pressure wash.

Selling Your Home or Business? If you are looking to sell your home, be sure to get a professional pressure wash done on the entire exterior of your home! This process will take off years of age and make your home more attractive to prospective buyers and could improve the sale price. Most real estate agents in Hockessin will tell their sellers that this is something they should do from the very beginning of putting the house on the market.

Repainting Your Home or Business? If you are painting your home or business, the first step is to remove all loose paint first. The best way to do this is by hiring us at Total Power Wash to professional and quickly remove all loose paint with our high-pressured water sprays. Once this step is done, you are good to go to repaint. This is necessary so that your new paint will stick longer and cause fewer repairs and less repainting in the future. Ultimately, this will save you money in the long run and look great in doing so!

Is Pressure Washing Expensive? Total Power Wash has competitive pricing and will work with you to get you the best service in Hockessin! We want to ensure that you are happy and that your home or business is cleaned to perfection! As mentioned prior, it is more expensive to repair often or even replace entirely rather than receive the best pressure washing services out there. Pressure washing will add life into your existing home or business at affordable rates! Give Total Power Wash a call to schedule a free consultation today!

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Real TOTAL Power Wash Reviews

Barbara K

Power Washing in Hockessin

“I usually power wash my home myself but this year I had a knee injury, and just could not handle it. I read some reviews and decided to try Total Power Wash. The power washing took  a few hours, and the price was reasonable considering they cleaned my house, a large vinyl storage shed, and a big outside deck. I won’t ever power wash my house myself again, but plan on using Total Power Wash from now on.”

Anne Schuck

Power Washing Service in Hockessin

“Total Power Wash took care of power washing my deck, awnings and my outdoor furniture. Daniel did a fabulous job . I would highly recommend this company for all of your power washing needs!”

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