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You can spend your free time doing anything you want, so you probably do not want to spend it on DIY house washing. There are many reasons you should not try it anyways. Aside from the fact that you might need the free time to recharge from the stress of your week, performing a job like house washing yourself could be potentially dangerous. Considering that you might lack the experience of this line of work, not only might your property be prone to costly damages, but you may also not be safe, especially if you are dealing with a taller home or steep roofs. Slipping from any height may cause you serious injuries, and consequently cause damage to some of your valued belongings.

Alternatively, a professional company like Total Power Wash located in Hockessin could take care of your house on your behalf. Instead of having to go through another stress that could come from going the house washing the DIY way, Total Power Wash is here to help you out with this big project. In Hockessin, there is no other company that could match the level of our professionalism as far as house washing is concerned. We are a highly professional company that does everything the way it should to be done. To learn more of how to do professional house washing, read through the following.

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Our Soft Washing Services


For most homeowners, vinyl is a great choice because of its beautiful appearance and its affordability. But vinyl also brings with it certain problems. Due to its lighter color, algae are much easier to notice on it, while special cleaning agents should be used to clean them in order to avoid warping and deformation. Door frames and window surrounding areas need delicate care so as not to be damaged. That’s why our Soft Washing method uses a gentle soft wash method that provides long-lasting results without damage! We can wash your vinyl to look bright and clean again, without the slightest damage to your home.

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Brick homes are durable and beautiful. But bricks porous nature is a perfect place for the formation and thriving of algae, and, brick soft washing demands special care. That’s why our House Washing Wilmington experts always wet and soak the bricks with water before applying the detergent, so it doesn’t get stuck in the bricks after the rinse. Although a brick home is built to last long, the wrong cleaning method can cause you a lot of problems. High pressure can lead to irreparable damage, while sometimes soft washing is not enough to give complete cleanliness, so we use a blend of these two methods to make the cleaning result flawless.

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Stucco is an ideal surface for the siding of your home. It is strong, low maintenance, and beautiful. With proper care, your stucco siding can last over 50 years, but this will require a professional soft washing company to complete the job. Stucco is very fragile and can damage very easily, so our House Washing Wilmington experts use only soft washing to safely clean delicate surfaces like your stucco siding. Stucco is an ideal place for mildew, algae, mold, and other organic stains. But with soft washing and powerful eco-friendly cleaners, we will completely clean whole stucco siding and restore its look like when it was new.

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Steps Our Company Takes in Hockessin

Thorough Inspection: When we get to the place of work, what we do first is we inspect the house or the business we will be working on. During this process, we find out more about the kind of paint used, and also the kind of surfaces we will be working on. This helps to determine the kind of washing method that we will need to be using.

Protecting Your Delicate Property, Plants, and Scrubbing Where Necessary: There are many covering materials at Total Power Wash disposal. However, our company uses the best covering material to protect some of the fragile surfaces that could come into harms way in the process of house washing. Your plants are also taken care of because some plants are not chemical friendly. If it has been a long time since you have washed your house, scrubbing may need to be added to our process.  

House Washing: Having passed those three stages, house washing is the next step in our process. During this process, we are always extremely careful handling some surfaces. Where soft washing is required, we also provide that as one of our services and we pressure washing where it is needed. Also, in all of Hockessin, the best house washing solutions are found at Total Power Wash.

Some More Benefits of Professional House Washing in Hockessin

Professional House Washing Boosts Your Homes Curb Appeal: If your house washing is handled the way it should be handled, the dividends will be for the homeowner or business owner. Professional house washing can make your home or business look more appealing to the eye. To achieve this, hiring a company like Total Power Wash is a step in the right direction, we are the best in Hockessin and have many raving reviews.

Professional House Washing Helps Fight Against Allergies: Dusts, mildew, and mold, are all sources of allergies. By having your house washing done by the professional, your home or business will be free of allergens.

If you are in Hockessin or around in the surrounding areas, and you want a company who has the most highly trained professionals, call Total Power Wash today. We will be here for you, anytime, any day.

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“What a wonderful job!!! These guys did fantastic house washing and my house looks great! Price was very good and Dan was great at communicating and was so honest when the job required less work he even lowered the price!”

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“Just had house washing for my home and I am beyond pleased. Such an awesome job and beyond my Expectations!!! I would recommend to everyone if you need your house power washed please reach out to them for an estimate. I could not beat the price!!! The picture so no justice!”

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